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Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia MachineThe doctors and staff of Carolina Anesthesiology, P.A. provide peri-operative anesthesia services including general, regional, and "MAC" anesthesia, as well as post-operative pain management consultation, for High Point Regional Hospital and the High Point Surgery Center.

General anesthesia involves making a patient "unconscious" for his or her operation. Regional anesthesia includes epidural, spinal, and "nerve block" anesthesia to render the part of the body involved in surgery "numb" for the procedure. We utilize ultrasound imaging techniques for many of our nerve blocks. Frequently, regional anesthesia techniques can be continued in the post-operative period to provide pain relief using epidural and nerve block catheters. "MAC," or Monitored Anesthesia Care, involves the monitoring of vital signs with or without providing sedation during a procedure, often in conjunction with "local anesthesia" provided by the surgeon.

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